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The Hills Massage Difference!

Why The Hills Massage?

If a nice, relaxing, gentle massage session is your cup-of-tea, that is wonderful. There are many locations in most towns and cities to accommodate your request ,



If you are seeking a more therapeutic, results based session, then The Hills Massage may just be the answer. Don't get 'nickel-and-dimed' all over the place with expensive up-charges for pretty scents, warm rocks or semi-firm pressure.... No... No more!

Proven Techniques.


8 Years of history with the Sports teams at Rutgers University has given me the tools and the know-how, not to mention the experience to find the issue(s) and resolve them, readily and easily.

One Session...


My job is to take a body, discuss and discover any issues it might have and use my experience, knowledge and training to resolve said issue(s) as quickly and skillfully as possible.  So, why waste your time and mine debating whether you should receive or pay for this type of session or that? "Cupping? Sure, for $20 more!" Absurd, right? The Heills Massage is a one Price, One-Stop shop! Read on to see what I mean... Just one part of the Hills Massage difference!

Two Hands...


If You choose to come see me for whatever issue(s) you have, I promise to get to the bottom of the problem fast as I can, or at least discuss where you might go to resolve your issue. The sooner you are back at your best, the better things are for us both. So...

More Tools...


Should you book a Deep Tissue session or a Sports Massage Session, I shall use my manual techniques and training, PLUS should I feel that it would be beneficial, I will automatically (and for no extra charge) utilize the appropriate tools. Be they cupping tools, or even I.A.S.T.M. Blades. Surgical quality stainless steel tools which allow me to delve even deeper into the fascia to more readily discover and resolve ischemia. Why would I not do anything I can  to help you? Makes sense, right? THAT is just a part  the AToL difference. (See 'Services/Rates' Page for more information on Cupping and I.A.S.T.M)